I am Michael Syman-Degler and here to say I am so grateful. – for all those things that have happened in my life, good and sometime hard, to bring me to the person I am today. The places I have lived and been. The search to find good for myself and others. And my family. I am so grateful for my family. Candace my wife is an absolute Goddess. And our four children – Isaac, Vanessa, Lucien, and India – with our six grandkids, and six grand-dogs are true blessings.

Our son Isaac lives in the mini-Manhattan we call Portland with his lovely wife Elissa and two children, Lily and Nigel, both in high school already! Vanessa and Paul are actors-with-day-jobs in Chicago, and their son Leo is a main hobby. Lucien taught 5th grade locally for several years; and is now supporting Sara’s quest to be a Physician Assistant. Their kids, Luna, Elora, and Zeke are tagging along on the adventure in Spokane. Our daughter India handles the insurance side of our practice with a competence that totally amazes and assures me – and our clients. She is truly my right hand woman. She and Nathan are homesteading on land outside Eugene, and doing the pioneering adventure we did at their age.

My wife Candace is an accomplished pianist; she inspired the original ads – cards with me in a tux with the rose and piano – and my keen interest is the arts. You see her in our ads and communications. She is my life partner and part of everything. I thank my family for making the space for me to find my true calling with the financial planning and helping others to find their success and prosperity.

I love Eugene. What a unique and wonderful town. I have been many other places large and small around the world, and there is none like Eugene. I have given my heart and soul to this place and work for it’s prosperity and those of my clients and my family.

Life is good – and I appreciate being able to spread that good around – teaching others how to create good for themselves, their families and others.


Of course you can call and come see us anytime, but we often get calls when our clients’ lives change, and their view of the future is different. Things like:

• Risk management and insurance planning
• Planning for or enjoying retirement
• Rolling over a retirement plan from work
• Buying or selling a family home – or business
• Marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a baby
• Sudden money – inheritance or windfall
• College funding
• Social Security claiming strategies
• Long Term Care
• Estate and legacy planning

We’d love to help orchestrate the financial future you deserve.
Please come visit us!

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