Who knew a year could pass so quickly? It’s true that time speeds up as we age, but this has been a wild ride! Now that my Presidency is in its final few weeks, and my realization that I cannot and will not change the arc of Rotary’s progress in my short time as this Club’s President, it’s easy to see that change is incremental.

We started some new ways of thinking about the organization of our Club and the committee’s structures and interactions. It seemed like there were WAY too many committees to keep track of and understand, let alone coordinate; so we gathered them into six categories and put a Board member in charge of each one. Seemed to make sense.

Now it’s gratifying that the new incoming President, Jeff Robinson, is using that organization to further the work of our Club!

Changing of The Guard is this coming Tuesday, at The Shedd Institute for the Arts – fitting venue for my swan song. I think we’ll have an interesting transition. Candace will be there for the ceremony, and glad to have more of the attention that Rotary has required… Looking forward to working In the Club instead of ON it.